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in the past few years, Nike Air Max 90 launched many different versions and numerous color, but had to admit that cloth uppers Breathe should be the most suitable for wearing in the hot season. The new color is blue tone, with pink lace and air max parts, white collocation in bottom, fresh and lively. Air Max Nike 90 Breathecolor: Blue / Pink / white number: 644204-400Source: sneakernews although distance HYPERDUNK 2015 officially on sale is a period of time, but after shoes spy constantly release also gradually opened up its mysterious veil, overwhelmed, HYPERDUNK 2015 once again exposed the real spy, the color had appeared, but from the point of figure seen shoes heel La words or show the Los Angeles city don't note version of identit Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping y. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: sneakergagaThis confidence stems from the Nike shoe designer Sergio & middot; Lozano (SergioLozano). Air Max recruited to join the project from start to work, Lozano and his team with a strong faith, for Air Max 95 conducted numerous improvements, until put into production, this process is not easy. and Air Max 1 Similarly, Lozano's design also encountered opposition. "For the first time the concept of Air Max 95 the Cheap air jordans for sale audit has not recognized the entire committee. Some people think it's good, some people are totally not like," When it comes in the way of design Nike Air Max 95 has faced Lozano He recalls. But thanks to the support of the team, he still stuck to their philosophy, and devised a worthy family name Air Max shoes. "The idea behind this design, there are many great supporters. Without them, this shoe can not be produced," Lozano said humbly. "The concept for the first time Air Max 95 audits and did not get the whole committee recognized that some people think it's good, some people completely dislike.." - Sergio & middot; Lozano risky business 90 years of Nike running series (Nike & nbsp; Running) is very popular, but Nike basketbal cheap jordans online l series (Nike & nbsp; Basketball) rapid rise block its light. Nike basketball great strides forward, the definition of a generation of sports style. Nike running shoes team knew they had to catch up ahead. Air Max 95 project is positioned as a way to recapture the late 1970s and early 1980s, running shoes energy transfer. The shoes must be bold and passionate, unlike any in this area has launched a product. "Running shoes shoe design team wants to be able to diversify, they want to take a chance. I guess I was the reason for their adventure," Lozano recalls. epoch Prior to 1994, Lozano and no design experience running the product. Prior to this, his main focus is still on the tennis design, training and ACG (all-weather equipment) Retro jordans for sale equipment. However, this change does not make him a sudden surprise. Nike's design team time to much smaller scale, participation in various categories of product design is still a standardized operational processes. Just enter the Nike four years, the young Lozano was designated leader Nike Air Max latest project, but in fact, he conceived of the Air Max has already begun. It was a rainy day, long before he was recruited into the Air Max project, Lozano inspired when listening to Beaverton scenery broke out. "I look to the woods passing lakes, rain began to imagine the process of thawing earth. I think in my mind, if that perfect product with soil erosion can be uncovered, it's not very interesting?" Lozano recalled Road. He quickly dr cheap jordan shoes for men ew a sketch on this shoe, stripes and Colorado Grand Canyon as seen on the wall of the shoe is very similar, and then he put into his painting sketch ideas casket. inspiration to achieve In the ensuing months, the site has not been sketch out until after that field so that Lozano was not satisfied with the Air Max brainstorming session. In order to re-energize the vitality of Air Max family, he needs to expand in the design of some really different things. Soon, he was known to Emmanuel suddenly flashed, sketches he painted in the rain was brought under the spotlight. Lozano and his team to painting sketch as a blueprint, introduced forefoot visible air cushion, focused design optimal air buffer cushion for runners to add more p Retro jordans for sale rotection. Although the outset made progress, but there is one problem has remained at Lozano's mind. "I remember Tinker & middot; Hatfield (TinkerHatfield) when designing other projects usually come up with some different ideas, he would say, 'Well, this is a great design, but what your story is. it? '"Lozano Nike design the library several anatomy books find their own answers, the common point of human construction and product design between basic essentials fascinated him. "I just have to find the most reasonable connection can be," everything else will naturally be easier. Human ribs, vertebrae, muscles and skin were his main creative source, the first AirMax 95 prototype was born. any valuable things are not easy to do cheap jordans for sale However Air Max 95 extraordinary power and personality is itself the biggest obstacle. With design into the review stage, Lozano and his team quickly realized that they had not yet out of the woods. Air Max 95 design so special, so the potential for some people it questioned. "There are people who love it, there are people who hate it. But when you get these real responses, you can feel and get a lot of stuff," Lozano said. This bold design initially did not include the Nike Swoosh logo. In addition, this shoe also includes two other first Nike: forefoot visible air cushion and black outsole, which are causing concern. But Lozano and his team did not give up this project, and won the recognition of the opponents. When asked about t cheap jordans for sale mens he Air Max 95 shoes, Nike is not visible Swoosh logo, Lozano passion to reproduce again. "We can be Nike as a brand that people recognize, so this should also be designed to exist independently. That is also why we need this logo? We've got the visual design of air cushion, and the first part of the forefoot into a visible air cushion. "But in the design of the logo placed where also a problem. Shoes logo design does not allow us to put the traditional position, as it would affect other important characteristics of the shoe. Finally, Swoosh logo was on the back to help position the shoes, "We Swoosh logo as a punctuation mark," Lozano said. "There are people who love it, there are people who hate it but when you get these real respons Cheap air jordan 12 ovo es, you can feel and get a lot of things.." - Sergio & middot; Lozano When the design is finalized, it is time to determine the color of the shoe released. Lozano was originally planned to make the color of shoes and shoe itself has the function of resistance, "in Oregon, people will run when it rains, will be running in a small way, when the first five miles of the finish time, their shoes usually very dirty, and I wanted to try to cover these stains. "When he decided to make one of the main colors of gray, he was all the time another burst of confidence. "I heard gray shoes could not be sold, so I see this as a challenge." Black and dark gray base color as the shoes, because here most likely to accumulate dirt, up to a gradient tint cheap foamposites . Air Max 95 to select the iconic Nike fluorescent yellow is a tribute to the traditional competition equipment, Nike track spikes and off-flats will continue to use a variety of high visibility colors. Lozano and his team indomitable, survived another round of audits until shoes into production. His confidence was rewarded eventually, the shoe just as soon as the music coming from London, to New York, and elsewhere start to appear. These personality and confident voice and Air Max 95 issued by collective uncompromising aesthetic design of the same strain. Youth culture began to build behind the Air Max 95, Air Max chain stores is also booming as a fashion symbol. Nike running product of this adventure has been rewarded in the world to capture the hearts of young designers at the same time, it also regained the position of running footwear giants. Even though they have the past two decades, Gio & middot; Lozano philosophy still influences contemporary design.Recently eBay sellers sell a rare Nike LeBron 9 PE, $20000USD price, so the price is only one, that is the double 9 PE is LeBron James's engagement party to create special, only US16 and US7.5 codes designed for LeBron and his wife, two pairs of custom, not relatives limited level custom-made samples. Black shoes with white collocation, with part of the gray burst decorative patterns, with red and black plaid lining, the overall style of dress is in tune with LeBron. BbsImg142184382739637_640_854.jpg (85.67 KB, download number: 12) download Nike LeBron 9 PE engagement party. 2015-1-22 08:37 upload BbsImg142184371316631_640_854.jpg (85.67 KB, download number: 12) download Nike LeBron 9 PE engagement party. 2015-1-22 08:36 upload BbsImg142184369110323_640_854.jpg (87.42 KB, download number: 3) download Nike LeBron 9 PE engagement party. 2015-1-22 08:36 upload BbsImg14218437007208_640_854.jpg (79.54 KB, download number: 12) download Nike LeBron 9 PE engagement party. 2015-1-22 08:36 upload BbsImg142184366594410_640_854.jpg (87.43 KB, download number: 12) download Nike LeBron 9 PE engagement party. 2015-1-22 08:36 upload BbsImg142184372484152_640_854.jpg (84.54 KB, download number: 12) download Nike LeBron 9 PE engagement party. 2015-1-0Custom shoes game player Mache recently showed us a custom crystal, this is for the WWE president's son Shane · McMahon specially made, this section uses Air Jordan 1 as the design blueprint, with the slogan Here Comes the of wheat's Money draw design inspiration, the use of green and black a shoe body, at the same time with $hane O'Mac followed by decoration. shane-mcmahon-custom-air-jordan-1-1_lmazae.jpg (324.91 KB, download number: 2) download Air Jordan 1 Shane McMahon private customized version of 2016-6-19 upload 15:25 shane-mcmahon-custom-air-jordan-1-2_o8zhrh.jpg (442.61 KB, download number: 2) download Air Jordan 1 Shane McMahon private customized version of 2016-6-19 15:25 upload Jordan, private 00

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