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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas and Nike, battle for the market has hit the Russian football. Earlier this week, Adidas announced that they have signed a sponsorship agreement with the RFU, the two sides will cooperate to at least 2018. Previously, Adidas has been one after another with Argentina, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Nigeria and the Spanish Football Association signed a sponsorship agreement. 2010 W Retro jordans for sale orld Cup hosts South Africa Football Association also has a contract with Adidas in the body. Beginning this month, Adidas began sponsoring the Russian national team and Olympic team, the team's new jersey will be available early next year. But in the World Cup qualifiers this week, the Russian uniforms appeared Adidas logo, Russia round opponent is Wales. RFU has 2.5 million registered players, 44,000 clubs, 156,000 teams an Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping d 37,000 referees. Adidas "eastward expansion" success is a direct blow to the largest competitor Nike, because Russia's "Pravda" reported: "Adidas and the entry into force of the agreement, means that the previous sponsor Nike contract termination. " Of course, the Adidas "victory," the price of money in Russia, this contract is with money out of the heap. Although Adidas did not disclose contract details, but according to s Cheap air jordans for sale ources, the total value of the contract between the two sides more than 100 million euros.a picture in the online news today, it looks like the AIR JORDAN 3 " Fear" real just out, let's see soon! and before the spread of the picture, the shoes with a dark grey black suede uppers, collocation burst pattern. And the shoelace hole and the flying man pattern used orange red to play an ornament effect.French fashion brand givenchy Cheap air jordan 12 ovo recently been a street full sense of design was the favorite of many fashion people, the release of the Blue & amp; Black Leather blue-black color leather high-top sneakers is the continuation of this design philosophy, blue and black colors, made of high quality leather material, and with the iconic metal star pattern as decorative details, full of fashion sense in the premise, with a strong trend feel.[Chinese shoes Network - cheap foamposites the consumer market] looked at a shopping mall in the street price of 839 yuan in the Nike counters female limited edition basketball shoes, but you spend 839 yuan to buy do not go. If you want to buy this limited edition female basketball shoes, you have to buy double the price for the 699 male version of basketball shoes, were forced into a consumer 839 yuan 1538 yuan, "the female consumers can not buy men's wear ah? "Sale cheap jordans for sale s staff said," you can buy back give it away! " broke the news: a pair of shoes encounter "tie" would like to start with the price of 839 yuan a limited edition female shoes, I had to buy a $ 699 pair of basketball shoes male version of the job, Ms. Lee in Shenyang yesterday when shopping encountered such a "cow" shop. Lee introduced himself likes to collect basketball shoes, Nike counters in the street in a store saw a pa cheap jordan shoes for men ir of limited edition basketball shoes, "This pair of shoes before seen in a magazine, because it is a limited edition, so special to buy one pair of souvenirs. " Lee took the beloved limited edition basketball shoes put it down, "the price of 839 yuan, is not particularly expensive, they decided to buy." Ms. Lee said, just before the payment, the sales staff said to her, "If you want Buy these shoes, you must have the price o cheap jordans for sale mens f 699 yuan to buy another pair of male version of basketball shoes. " Ms. Lee did not understand the sales staff, "do not buy can not I? 'Sales staff firmly said," to buy limited edition basketball shoes, must have to buy a pair of shoes specified. "Lee Forget look, a pair of 839 yuan a female version of basketball shoes, need to spend 1,538 yuan to buy a home. Ms. Lee had to feel worthwhile disappointed. Survey: Limited sho cheap jordans online es not only sell Yesterday, the reporter went to Nike counters, to consumers who are ready to buy Lee favorite basketball shoes, pointing to sales staff stand beside basketball shoes billboards said, "not to sell limited edition basketball shoes. "And in basketball shoes on billboards beside clearly states," limited portfolio sales (not retail). " Subsequently, the reporter at the bottom of the female limited edition basketb Retro jordans for sale all shoes men see the need to buy basketball shoes, found that only two models to choose from. "It's the male version of basketball shoes as a female consumer, I do not need ah!" The reporter asked the sales staff. Sales staff, told reporters, "You can buy back away." CASE: illegal consumption bundle Yesterday, the reporter linked to Nike headquarters, the staff said, "Nike does not provide all the products had to be forced to buy such a situation individual behavior is auto." Liaoning Province Consumers Association of Civil Rights Commissioner He said sales this Nike store is bundled consumption, it is illegal. "It belongs to a disguised form of hard sell, other than price, the merchant has no power to require the consumer to pay for other expenses and then additional consumer should be established on the basis of fair and honest, consumers can call 12315 complaints, in order to safeguard their legitimate interests. " Beijing Pacific Century (Shenyang) lawyer Chen Hao said, "People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law" stipulates that the operator shall not violate the wishes of consumers tying products or attach other unreasonable conditions; provide for optional services You must obtain prior consent of the consumer. "Merchant bundled consumption, so that consumers additional spending in the last resort, against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, in accordance with the law, in violation of the law of the seller shall be ordered to correct the administrative department for industry and commerce may impose a 200 yuan, according to circumstances The following fines "(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)

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